The Corrupt U.S. Congress Cheers as the War Industry Steals Billions from the People’s Coffers!


| April 13, 2018

Why does Washington, D.C., always opt for war? First and foremost, war is very profitable. The U.S. war industry, which consists of corporate behemoths that manufacture weapons of war and matériel for the Pentagon and its allies, works hard to maintain astronomical profits. It finances political campaigns in order to purchase loyalty from elected officials, it funds D.C. think tanks in order to maintain a pro-war narrative and ensure new ‘threats’ are always hyped, and it advertises on national media, forestalling the slim chance a corporate journalist might challenge the need for endless war.

It is up to an informed public to remedy this situation. Understanding the following trends, which were distilled from recent Pentagon contracts, is a crucial part of forming an educated, mobilized citizenry.

Break It & Repair It

On 29 March 2018, AECOM Technical Services received over $34.8 million to help reinforce the soil and bedrock around the Mosul Dam. True to form, the contract was awarded without an open, competitive bidding process.

The Mosul Dam suffers from debilitating structural problems, which were exacerbated by the 2003 U.S. invasion, the lengthy U.S. occupation, and subsequent battles with militants who are largely the creation of U.S. foreign policy.

Whose actions weakened the dam? The U.S. war industry. Who is repairing the dam? The U.S. war industry. This is how the system works.

AECOM’s contract to repair the Mosul Dam is a microcosm of the entire Iraq War (2003-present). The U.S. war industry makes a killing destroying a nation and then makes a killing repairing its parts.

Other U.S. corporations have made a killing off of Iraq in the first quarter of 2018: Sallyport Global Holdings recently received $400 million for work and security at Balad Air Base, and Spartan Air Academy inked a lucrative deal to train the Iraqi Air Force.


Endless war only helps Wall Street and war profiteers. Everyone else is harmed.

The U.S. war industry kills civilians abroad. Period. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

Back in the States, crushing inequality runs wild. Millions of Americans live in poverty, don’t have enough to eat, lack affordable housing, and are denied adequate educational opportunities.



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