What happens during a deportation raid in the US?

?Que ocurre durante una redada de indocumentados que seran deportados? Activists and undocumented people describe the chaos and terror of predawn deportation raids taking place across the US. Donald Trump’s proposed border wall [Daniel Becerril/Reuters]

Activistas y gente indocumentada describen el caos y el terror de las redadas de la migra antes del amanecer que estan ocurriendo a traves del muro fronterizo propuesto por Donald Trump


Massoud Hayoun-


  • A series of raids took place in at least six states across the United States late last week/A finales de la semana pasada una series de redadas ocurrieron en cuando menos seis estados de la Union Americana
  • More than 600 undocumented people were detained/ mas de 600 indocumentados fueron detenidos.
  • Of that total 160 were from Los Angeles/de ellos 160 eran de Los Angeles
  • Undocumented Americans contribute $11.64bn to the US economy /Estadounidenses indocumentados contribuyen a la economia norteamericana con $11,640 millones de dolares.

Los Angeles, United States It usually begins with a startling knock at the door before dawn.

Most people in Los Angeles are asleep at around 4 or 5am. But in the undocumented community, many are already awake, preparing for longer-than-average workdays, making breakfast for their children.

This is also typically when immigration authorities arrive on doorsteps – often in predominantly Latino neighbourhoods, activists and undocumented people familiar with raids say.

When ICE comes knocking, agents rarely break down the door unless the undocumented person behind it is considered armed and dangerous, activists say.

Many undocumented people do not know that they don’t need – by law – to open the door at all.

“I know of cases of people who happened to answer the door when ICE showed up to their house. They describe it as the most horrifying moment of their life. Nowhere to run to, no one to scream to for help,” said an undocumented young woman, who asked to remain anonymous. For the purposes of this article, she will be called Jenny.

“The raids target large neighbourhoods, particularly neighbourhoods with large amounts of Latinos,” Jenny said. “We see people answering the door and although [ICE agents] are not there for that person, they end up taking them also.”

And where ICE once only targeted undocumented people who had been convicted of criminal activity, now they are detaining those without criminal records,



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