(*) El gobierno de Argentina anuncia alivios temporales para los más pobres con fines electorales.

(*)  Fuerzas policiales en Ecuador arremeten contra manifestantes que repudiaban las políticas del presidente Lenin Moreno y su decisión de revocar el asilo de Julián Assange el fundador de Wikileaks. 

(*) El presidente mexicano Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador anuncia que su gobierno no utilizara recursos publicos para premiar o castigar a medios de comunicacion.

(*)  El Primer Mandatario de Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, califica de “ilegales” e “inmorales” las nuevas medidas de Estados Unidos contra la principal entidad bancaria de su pais.





PERU. –A punto de ser detenido por caso de corrupción con Odebrech se quita la vida el expresidente de Perú, Alan García.

EEUU. -Jóvenes se movilizan para demandar acciones inmediatas para frenar el cambio climático.

EEUU. – El gobierno de EEUU anuncia nuevas sanciones contra Cuba, Nicaragua y Venezuela.

PANAMA. -En la capital de Panamá continua el proceso de expulsión de residentes de la comunidad llamada Brooklincito para dar paso a proyectos de viviendas para personas adineradas, proceso conocido como gentrificación.

EEUU. -Siguiendo el ejemplo de otros estados, la Policía de Florida podría convertirse en el brazo armado de las políticas antiinmigrantes de Donald Trump si se aprueban dos legislaciones.


(*) Bolivia anuncia nueva aplicacion de telefono celular que permite aprender varias lenguas indigenas.

Exporting Dictators

By David   Swanson         April 16, 2019 “Information Clearing House” – The U.S. government gets little credit for it, doesn’t even like to brag about it, but as of 2017 provided military “aid” to 73% of the world’s dictatorships. Ocassionally, the U.S. turns against one of its dictators and chooses that moment to tell everyone about him: Hussein, Noriega, Gadaffi, Assad. Sometimes it loses a dictator for other reasons: the Shah of Iran, Hosni Mubarak.

Sometimes the U.S. imposes a U.S. dictator on a foreign colony: as historically in the Philippines, or Haiti, Chile, or post-“liberation” Iraq. More often it selects and trains, imposes and props up a dictator from within the population of “natives” or “savages.” And sometimes such a dictator spends many years in the United States preparing and awaiting opportunity.

When I heard that Juan Guaido, a graduate of George Washington University in Washington, D.C., had proclaimed himself president of Venezuela, I was reminded that his fellow GW (and Harvard and Princeton) graduate Syngman Rhee was flown to South Korea by the United States government and put in charge of the place, and given the power to commit massive atrocities — the greatest of which was pushing the Korean peninsula into war. Does George Washington University recruit students with promises of small distant countries in which to have life-and-death power over the primitives?

Then Khalifa Haftar hit the news again. This guy lived in Falls Church, Virginia, from around 1990 to 2007, and Vienna, Virginia, until 2011. If you’re not from Fairfax County, Virginia, you should know that you could practically topple over a pyramid of naked Muslim prisoners on the roof of the CIA in Langley, Virginia, and land some of them in Falls Church or Vienna. Haftar was exported to Libya multiple times during those years in failed attempts to take the place over. His latest attempt has been ongoing since the United States exported him in 2011. Maybe there is an area of U.S. exports other than weaponry that is increasing.

Haftar is not unique. The D.C. area harbors a number of dictators in waiting less well known than Mike Pence. There’s Crown Prince Ahmad Shah Khan and various other members of the Afghan royal family. There’s Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last dictator whom the United States imposed on Iran from 1953 to 1979. Pahlavi lives in Potomac, Maryland, (across the river from Langley) and openly advocates for an overthrow of the Iranian government (because 1953 has worked out so well?) or, as the Washington Post puts it, “runs an advocacy association that is outspoken about the need for democracy in his home country.”

Now, call me crazy, but I’d like to leave it up to the people of Iran to run their own country, free of sanctions, lies, and threats. But the dictator-export industry does not seem to me to be completely without value. Surely there must be some place to which — despite his troubled apprenticeship — we can now export Donald Trump.

David Swanson wants you to declare peace at  His new book is War No More: The Case for Abolition.

War No More: The Case for AbolitionDaybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union by [Swanson, David]